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We are located in the most beautiful and famous Peninsula de Papagayo in Guanacaste known for its diverse culture, world-class surfing and fantastic food.  At Tropical Comfort we have been scouting the hills for the last 12 years developing the best single-track routes around. Our trails offer an array of challenges and spectacular views. You will see beautiful wildlife such as monkeys and small birds.  Here you'll find a fun and relaxed environment for riders to enjoy. 

Trips are geared for 1 or more people and can be tailored to suit beginner –intermediate and advanced skill levels. Seasoned riders will love the single-track technical assents and rapid descents while newer riders will enjoy the fresh air and rolling countryside. Remember at Tropical Comfort there are no rules but lots of safety and experience. We are willing to take our time to show our beautiful countryside and all the ins and outs that most tourists do not see on regular visit. The riders set the day/time of departure and have the option to choose or modify any of the routes that are posted on our webpage.


Our tours are 100% costumizables, 
Most of our tours can be made at night, which offers an extra option to the customer...

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